About Compliance Xpressware

There is a Better Way

Our team has been in the regulatory filing space since 1997 and has overseen the filing of 30,000+ submissions to the SEC EDGAR system. Our cumulative experience includes building a number of software products for structured SEC EDGAR filings, including solutions for Reporting Issuers (XBRL documents), Section 16 Filings (Forms 3, 4, and 5) and Investment Manager Filings (Form 13F-HR).

Xpressfiler – our conversion and XBRL tagging software for SEC EDGAR filing – has been in use since 2011. Industry experts have consistently recognized the quality of XBRL produced by Xpressfiler, and users value the advantages this cloud-based solution offers.

Through our experience, we recognized that many bank filings – in particular Forms 424B2 and FWP – were highly structured and lent themselves well to automation. Our most recent software project – CXConvert – was created to provide banks with a better way. Our software solution can be used directly, or be integrated within WallStreetDocs, providing banks with a new process offering cost savings and increased efficiencies.


Dr. Fuad Rahman

Fuad is a technologist who has worked in the Silicon Valley for the past eleven years building and taking to market leading-edge software products. Most recently, as a VP of Product Development at KnewCo Inc., funded by GIV Venture Partners and Omni Ventures and a leader in content discovery and semantic targeting, he provided leadership in setting its strategic direction and technology monetization. Before that, Fuad was the Research Team Lead at QuickSchools Inc., a leading innovator of cloud-based agile SaaS development platforms, where he was responsible for creating the product vision, identifying critical priorities and establishing a customer-facing platform. Prior to that, as Research Lead/Product Manager at BCL Technologies Inc., he led the development of and subsequently managed SEC Publisher, a leading EDGAR filing software. Early in his career, as a Research Engineer at WiredPocket Inc., funded by Timberline Venture Partners, he designed algorithms for auto-mapping web pages to cell phone browsers.

Fuad was a member of the Domain Steering Committee (DSC) of the XBRL.US between 2013-14 for a two-year term. DSC oversees the development of taxonomies to meet the business reporting needs of key markets in the United States. In the area of regulatory compliance, this is a singular honor - because this puts him in a very select group of industry leaders in the US and the world.

Fuad received his Ph.D. in 1998 from University of Kent, England, researching generic pattern detection and classification algorithms with applications in pattern search, data mining, computer vision and document image analysis. He has lived in four continents and worked in three.

Bill Batiuk

In 1997, after working for five years in administration for public companies, Bill co-founded Automated Filing Services Inc. Automated Filing Services Inc. initially served public companies in electronic regulatory compliance filings via the SEDAR system. The business was soon expanded to serve companies required to report electronically to the SEC via the EDGAR system. On January 1, 2010, recognizing the need for a national presence, AFS merged with TNT Filings Inc. of Toronto to form Newsfile Corp. Bill presently serves as President of Newsfile Corp. Bill holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Ian Tennant

Ian is a regulatory filing expert, with over 10 years of practical experience in various areas of modern corporate governance. In 2002, Ian co-founded TNT Filings Inc. – a company that specializes in corporate reporting via EDGAR, SEDAR and SEDI, as well as complex document conversion and preparation. Also a Director of Newsfile Corp., Ian is a significant contributor to all departments of both organizations with an emphasis on client relations, partnerships, sales and marketing. Ian often represents the company at trade shows, symposiums and conferences. Ian holds an IT diploma from Seneca Collage and a Law Clerk Certificate from the Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario.

Wasim Thaha

Wasim is a Past Chairman of XBRL Canada, the Canadian jurisdiction of XBRL International, having served as Chairman of XBRL Canada from 2007 until 2010. Wasim has contributed to various financing and accounting publications on the topic of XBRL and is a regular speaker/presenter at XBRL events. Wasim is a Director of Newsfile Corp. and previously worked at CCNMatthews, where he introduced EDGAR filing services to its clients, in wake of the SOX requirement requiring foreign Issuers reporting to the SEC to electronically file all documents through the EDGAR system. Wasim joined CCNMatthews as part of an acquisition from Emergis e-News, a division of BCE Emergis, where he specialized in disclosure and corporate filing requirements and was a key member of the Emergis e-News IT team, where he developed interactive and secure applications online. Wasim holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) from Ryerson University’s School of Information Technology Management (ITM) where he specialized in Systems Development and Integration. He holds a minor in e-Business.

Craig Smith

Craig is a Director of Newsfile Corp. and works as a Management Consultant to a variety of clients in the airline, strata property management, environmental waste management and mining industries. He was the Director of General Accounting at Canadian Airlines International Ltd. Before that he worked as Assistant Treasurer at the University of British Columbia and as Vice President, Finance to Air B.C. Ltd. Craig is a professional accountant (CPA, CA) completing articles with Price Waterhouse & Co., Vancouver. He holds a Bachelor of Science from University of B.C. majoring in Mathematics.

Andrew Danneffel

Andrew has been a regulatory filing specialist since 2002. He has developed a variety of software applications for the regulatory filing industry including FileSec16.com, a web based tool for preparing and submitting Section 16 filings to the SEC EDGAR system, and components of Xpressfiler, a cloud-based tool used to convert common document formats to SEC EDGAR compliant HTML and XBRL. He led the EDGAR filing department at Automated Filing Services, Inc. and developed processes and systems core to the operation of the company. A Director of Newsfile Corp., Andrew manages the company's information technology, various internal software applications, and the XBRL service team. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University with concentrations in Information Technology and Marketing.